Audi R18 and Ferrari 458 don’t mix at Le Mans 24 hour race

Two crashes between Ferrari 458 and Audi R18 race cars have taken place during the Le Mans 24 hour race.

A spectacular crash between Allan McNish’s Audi R18 race car as he tried to pass a Ferrari 458 just before the Start Finish straight almost ended in tragedy.

McNish had just passed his Audi R18 team mate when he clipped the Ferrari 458 sending both cars into the gravel. The Audi R18 barely slowed as it hit the tyres and spun into the air. As parts of the Audi flew off spectators and camera crews where lucky not have been seriously injured. One camera man narrowly missed being flatted by a flying rear tyre from the Audi.




During the night at Le Mans Mike Rockenfeller’s Audi R18 crashed with Ferrari 458 as he tried to pass the slower car. From the Audi R18 footage it looks like the Ferrari 458 may have pulled across as the faster Audi came alongside.

The Audi R18 then spins across the circuit and smashes into the barrier.

A very lucky Le Mans 24 hour for the Audi R18 race drivers, spectators, marshals and  camera crews.



Author: News Editor

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