Sky Sports F1 presenter Natalie Pinkham goes high-tech storing baby’s umbilical cord stem cells

Sky Sports Formula One TV presenter Natalie Pinkham has chosen to use high-tech company Biovault Family to store her son’s umbilical cord blood stem cells, after she gave birth last month .

You expect to hear about the latest technology and processes around the F1 paddock but not in maternity wards. To many it may be the first time you have heard about this service for newborns. It is very simple and the collection is almost as quick as a pit stop! After the birth the cord cells and tissue are sent away and stored in cryogenic vats by Biovault. They can then be used in the future for the treatment of the child or another member of the family for a variety of diseases.

For the F1 presenter it was a simple choice.

I have a real interest in stem cell research and treatments because I have a friend of a similar age in the States who is currently benefitting from stem cell treatment for a serious condition.  Sadly I lost a friend to Motor Neurone disease in his 30’s so I guess I’ve always had a curiosity around the potential of stem cells to treat such diseases in the back of my mind.

Natalie first heard about cord blood banking at her antenatal class.

I’d heard of stem cell treatments and was interested straight away.  The more I knew, the more I wanted to know.  The potential is so huge and there doesn’t appear to be any downsides. As an expectant parent, cord blood banking doesn’t really show up in the big list of things you are advised to consider but I’m really glad we know about it and are doing something to protect our child’s future.

Sky Sports Formula One TV presenter Natalie Pinkham Stores Baby's Cord Blood

Sky Sports Formula One TV presenter Natalie Pinkham Stores Baby’s Cord Blood

Owain was with me at the class and could see that it was something we should seriously consider so we talked and researched it further. We see it as the ultimate insurance policy that we hope and pray we never need to use.  We both decided that we needed to take this opportunity because we have a responsibility to protect our unborn child.  For us the decision was common sense really.

This umbilical cord blood storage isn’t a new process, it has been available for over 20 years but not many people are aware of what it is. As medical treatments continue to advance it seems a great opportunity to help secure your family’s future health. The chance of benefiting from stem cell treatment has accelerated to 1 in 200 for transplant medicine.

F1 Offer

With the start of the 2015 F1 season close upon us we have teamed up with Biovault Family to offer you a pole winning discount on their services.

If you or someone you know is expecting a baby just mention MotoringChat when you contact Biovault and you can receive a £200 discount off their (standard price) cord blood and cord tissue banking services.

Drive safe!

Author: News Editor

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