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MotoringChat.com provides a platform to promote the latest news from the automotive world.

Everything we publish appears in a network of over 80,000 blogs and websites, a news portal with over 3 million users a month, forums and  social media channels.

Cars are in our blood and we have spent many a year collecting the brochures, hanging around motor shows and race tracks, even rubbing shoulders with top drivers! With an injection of TVR ownership, event organisation, trips to Le Mans and drinking with Ted in the early days of PH – the seed was sown to set-up a little auto related website.

First came the other love – aviation – and so PlaneTalking.com and PlaneTalkingLive.com took off!

With the aviation websites flying high we have turned the key in Motoring Chat and set-off on an exciting journey and would hope you will join us on the way.

Online Marketing and Social Media for the Automotive Industry

We have worked with car clubs, other motoring magazines including Top Car and EVO , manufactures and dealer groups including TVR (yes it was a while ago!) Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lotus (here and abroad) along with various race teams, drivers and circuits.

Our services cover managing Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and writing regular blogs. We’ve promoted specific cars, services and locations through social  media, film, managing blogs, websites and creating apps.

With our driving escapades in Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia we thought we would also add an area dedicated to the best driving roads! So if you have a top route, that special way home from work or where you may have over-worked a hire car then send it to us. It can even be off-road or a favourite circuit. Video and photos also welcome!

If you would like us to help with your online marketing, social media or have any events, car news, views or reviews then just send them to us.

Thank you for your time.

Drive safely!


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