Porsche delivers 14,836 new cars to customers around the world in February

Porsche has handed over more than 14,800 new cars to customers around the world during February 2015. In the first two months of this year the sports car company sold around 30,900 cars – a growth of one-third in comparison to the same period in 2014.

“We were again successful in February, throughout the world, with figures higher than last year’s”, said Bernhard Maier, Member of the Executive Board Sales and Marketing of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.

The new Porsche Cayman GT4 and the 911 GT3 RS

The new Cayman GT4 and the 911 GT3 RS

“For 2015, we expect further momentum through the systematic expansion of our product range – at the moment, this refers to the two sportiest derivatives of the model range: the Cayman GT4 and the 911 GT3 RS.”

The Cayman GT4 and the 911 GT3 RS had their world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show last week.

On the German home market, Porsche made more than 2,000 deliveries in February, an increase of nearly 40 per cent compared to the same month last year. In Europe, last year’s figure was surpassed by almost one-half: the sports car maker delivered exactly 4,848 vehicles. Deliveries in Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy have more than doubled in each of these countries. The share of the new Cayenne S E-hybrid is very high all across Europe: just fewer than 15 per cent of the Cayenne models are equipped with plug-in-hybrid technology.

In the United States sales have slowed slightly which the company says is related to strikes in several harbours and the inclement weather. For the first two months of the ongoing year, by contrast, the American market showed a growth of 13 per cent.

PORSCHE AG Deliveries February January – February
2015 2014 Variance (%) 2015 2014 Variance (%)
World 14,836 11,061 34.1 30,880 23,286 32.6
Europe 4,848 3,332 45.4 9,359 6,236 50.0
Germany 2,035 1,456 39.8 4,100 2,937 39.6
America 3,705 3,680 0.7 8,146 7,204 13.1
USA 3,202 3,232 -0.9 7,139 6,328 12.8
Asia Pacific, Africa and Mideast 6,283 4,049 55.3 13,375 9,846 35.9
China 4,202 2,387 76.0 9,148 6,422 42.4


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