Help for Heroes European 4×4 Rally raises over £400,000

Since 2010, the award winning Help for Heroes European 4×4 Rally has raised over £400,000+ for the charity.

This milestone figure has been reached today by the crews taking part in the 2012 event which starts on 16th June. The inaugural rally of 2010 had ‘hoped’ to raise £20,000 for Help for Heroes – the success of the event has surpassed all expectations; it has become an annual event and it continues from strength to strength.

The rally follows the path and tells the story of the Allied Invasion through Europe. The Allied Forces landed in France early on D-Day morning – 6th June 1944. The Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally 2012 will retrace much of that route.

The event starts from Littlecote House Hotel, Wiltshire, UK on 16th June 2012 and is a 2000 mile adventure through Europe. This non-speed touring assembly is again fully subscribed with 45 vehicles crewed by serving and ex-military personnel, as well as civilians and families with children. It will be part military history tour (including museums etc), some fun activities, part off-road driving and part club-type social, open to road-legal 4×4 vehicles.

Event Summary: After using byways on Salisbury Plain the rally travels to Portsmouth to embark on the ferry to France. In addition to visiting WWII historical areas in Normandy, the H4H 4×4 Rally route will take in the WWI battlefields of the Somme and Ypres. It will then visit Arnhem in Holland and ‘Operation Market Garden’ before heading south to Bastogne in Belgium where the Germans made a final push – the famous ‘Battle of the Bulge’. We continue to the Alsace region of France – with its Maginot Line fortifications. The route then journeys into Germany and Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial; with its horrors of war. The event concludes 12 days after leaving the UK – the final part being a visit to Hitler’s “impenetrable” Eagle’s Nest high in the Bavarian Alps at Berchtesgaden.

Author: News Editor

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