Video: The Ferrari FF is it worth it?

Even down here in Devon we have been lucky, on several occasions, to see a Ferrari FF on the road – although it was always the same blue one!

But this new four seater has caused a stir with Ferrari fans as. like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. Add the price tag of £227,000 and this ‘bread van‘ (as some people describe it) becomes a real talking point.

We doubt we’ll ever get to try out this new ultra sophisticated Ferrari down here in the South West, even if we do have some ideal roads to try out the new unique  four wheel drive system from Marenello. With its four seats and a boot capacity of 450 litres (up to 800 with the seats down) we could also see if it really is the best car for the school run!

Autocar‘s Steve Sutcliffe has recently tried out the FF to see if all the technology, V12 engine and, dare we say, prcaticality really does make this car value for money!

So what do you think of the Ferrari FF? Let us know!

Author: News Editor

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