The Mclaren MP4-12C Spider is here – almost – and Jenson likes it

The new McLaren 12C Spider is here….almost and Jenson Button seems to like the experience.

It is now 12 months since the MP4-12C first went on sale and so it seems the right time for McLaren to launch a new version of their supercar.

This new convertible, the 12C Spider, will provide an exhilarating experience with its 625PS, twin-turbo V8-engined and lowered roof. But don’t take our word for it listen to Formula One World Champion Jenson Button.

McLaren questioned Jenson at last weekend’s European Grand Prix about what speed means to him, the connection he feels with the machine he drives and about what he senses when driving a 300 km/h open top car.  But it might not be his MP4-27 Formula 1 car he is describing, rather the new 12C Spider!

The 12C Spider

The 12C Spider is based on the same super stiff carbon fibre MonoCell chassis as its hardtop sibling the MP4-12C.  With the removal of  the roof the sensations experienced and the noise heard will provide a new increase excitement for both passenger and driver.

McLaren are promising not just a high performance convertible with the 12C Spider but also a car ‘more usable than any car this exciting has a right to be‘. We’ll have to wait and see on the 3rd July when more information is released but if it is anything like the current model we should be in for a treat!

Author: News Editor

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