Mercedes show their new AMG GT – deliveries begin in 2015

It’s here! The new Mercedes AMG GT!

Mercedes AMG have finally taken the covers off their new SLS replacement and it looks and sounds great!

There aren’t any fancy doors but there is a new V8 bi-turbo engine. This new power unit, the ‘M178’ engine, has been developed from scratch and has a unique feature – its twin turbochargers are mounted within the cylinder banks. With the ‘internal’ turbo chargers the engine can not only have lower emissions but also has improved throttle response.

This new model is aimed directly at the Porsche 911 Turbo. Slightly smaller than the SLS it replaces it still has the smooth shape and look of a flagship sportscar. It has a more usable boot with a full hatchback and the interior cabin is roomy if a little empty. You may recognise some of the switchgear which has been borrowed from the new C-Class.

With other manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Porsche and Aston Martin all vying for sales in this particular market the choice for customers just got a little more exciting!

Author: News Editor


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