The gloves come off as David Haye goes Full Tilt in a Lamborghini

Former heavyweight champion David Haye has thrown his gloves off to knock out the competition while in the latest Lamborghini Aventador.

Full Tilt Rush Poker Challenge!

His Full Tilt experience took place at the Rockingham race circuit in Northamptonshire. He he tried his hand at the new Poker Rush app from Full Tilt Poker.

The World’s Fastest Poker Game

From the passenger seat of the 700hp Lamborghini, David’s challenge was to take on Full Tilt Poker Tour Ambassadors Ben Jenkins and Sinem Melin at their own game. As they were each driven, at seriously high speed, around the Corby circuit there was a race against time to see who could complete the most hands on the Rush Poker app.

The Full Tilt Rush Poker mobile app lets you play poker anytime, anywhere and lets you play up to four times as many hands per hour. Thrilling for absolute beginners to experienced players,

And they only had one lap to do it!

To see who threw in their hand, who was flush and who took the lead just watch the video!

Author: News Editor

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